Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time flies

Really, two months goes by so fast! I have lots to share
On the knitting front, I lost my mojo about halfway through my pregnancy that could be contributed to my physical state or the extreme heat but actually I think both. I managed to get a few things done for the baby and a lot of things almost done except for the finishing. Actually everything I posted about last time is done-- just needs to be finished!

I made this adorable hat for our little girl to wear home (or maybe in the hospital). Modeled by her fuzzy lamb for now. Its way to big for him but you get the picture. I made the pattern up-- just 2x2 rib over 90 stitches worked for 4 inches and then decreased evenly. I hope it fits her for more than the first week but I can always put it in her scrapbook!

I have two sweaters that I'm making for myself.

The first is the February Lady sweater that everyone and their grandmom is making.

I've actually put this in hibernation because the lace patter was boring me during my lack of knitting desire. I *might* get this done in time to wear as a maternity sweater but frankly I'm not going to kill myself to finish. I have finished the body and am on the first sleeve.(Its in Tatamy Tweed Worsted if you're interested)

The second is the Placed Cable Aran from Interweave Knits Fall 2007.

I added about 4 inches to the bottom before I started the cables because sweaters are usually to short on me and I've added about 10 inches girth wise in the past few months and really want to wear this now! The yarn is my very own Aster worsted in Turkey Feathers. The patterns in that mag are my absolute favorite. I will be knitting at least 2 more things from it!

The baby's growing by leaps and bounds too. I only have about 4-8 weeks to go. I can't believe that it went sooooooooo fast. I feel pretty huge at the same time so I'm ready to be done!

In Starbugknits news, I've added more worsted weight to my etsy shop. Most of them are kettle dyed colors which I prefer for larger projects and really there is a lot of variation just in one color! I love 'em all!!!
Starbugknits also went to the PA Endless Mountain Fiber Festival at the beginning of September. It was a great experience even with the rain and the manure splattered wall right behind my beautiful display. I hope to do more festivals in the coming year and already have my eye on several along the east coast for 2009. I'll try to post on those as soon as I know which ones I'll be at.
Starbugknits is also in stock at Yarn Calling in Kutztown. If you want to see it in person, there's a good place to go!
That's all here. I'd like to say that I'll be posting more regularly in the coming weeks but none of you will believe me! I'll try to get some pictures up of the baby when she makes her arrival so if you don't hear from me before then. . .

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Boy, I've been neglecting the blog even more than usual these days and that's saying a lot!

I haven't been very busy this summer. I've been on one small vacation to Cape May on the 4th of July but other than that I've been home. We've grown a ginormous garden this year and now I have about 20 pounds of pickling cucumbers staring at me with no hope for canning right now!

I'm having yet another sale at Starbugknits on sock yarn so I can clear out some inventory for some new colorways this fall. So I'm selling it all off at $10 a skein!

I've been knitting a couple of things for the baby and I have a super amount that I still want to do! So far I've knitted:

a daisy sweater

a little fuzzy lamb

and I'm almost done the blanket!

I have the yarn for a Christmas sweater from Dale of Norway 191 that I picked up with my birthday coupon at Mountain Knits and Pearls in East Stroudsburg. There are such cute things in that book! I like too that it has different weight yarns not just Baby Ull.

I am deciding against much Christmas knitting this year. I would normally already be planning that but I know my track record of finishing the night before and with a newborn that is soooooo not going to happen. I *might* knit some socks for my mom and some Christmas ornaments. Other than that everyone's getting gift cards!

The summer is going by so fast I just can't believe it. I'm reminded by my growing belly that November will be here before I know it! Back in March it seemed forever away!

I should be getting some new starbugknits news this week and I will update as soon as I do!

Friday, June 20, 2008


All sock yarn is $12 June 20-30!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hey, Hey, less than two months between posts. . .

Aren't we all so excited about that!

So much to tell you all about, too! Wow, where to begin!?!?!?!

List formats seem to get it done so here we go:

1. Made a new and very basic navigation website on I'm trying to branch into wholesale and wanted to send everyone to the same place.

2. Updated the etsy shop with some new fantastic colors:

Sweet Pea

3. Finished the epic pink project of doom and I think the recipient liked it.

4. Quit my job because I couldn't sit down longer than 10 minutes!
5. Am having a baby in November(see #4)

That's about it here! have a great day!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hey there stranger!

OH my word! Has it really been since February 16th that I last blogged?!?!? I just can't get over it!!!
Still plugging away at work-- not for too much longer though. I'm toying with the idea of quitting soon but that means I have to find another job. What a pain!
It just occurred to me not 5 minutes ago too, that some of my etsy listings had expired on April 19. April 19, people!!! I check that all the time and just didn't notice!

Knitting has been restricted to the pink project of doom but were at a count down of days now so hopefully that'll pick up too.

Starbugknits is getting a big update in the next week or so with a ton of worsted weight in all your favorite colors. If there's one you'd like to see in worsted just give me a holler.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Its been a busy month!

I started a new job and actually that's about it. I know that its big news for anyone, but when you haven't had a job in a few years it seems like a monumental occasion! I like it(in case you cared) and its nice to get out of the house and make some money!

I have been doing a bunch of knitting. For now the new job is like that. We have a bunch of down time and I've been knitting. I get a bunch of jealous looks since everyone else is just sitting around waiting and I'm busy knitting away!

I finished my Tilted Duster:

I love it! I still haven't blocked it properly and it smells like sheep but its one of the best things I've made. I'm wearing it right now!

I bought some yarn.

Yarn Nerd was having a sale on an overdye color(math nerd) and I snatched one of those up right away. His yarn is a little finer than mine and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

I also bought some Ultra Alpaca Light for my snail mittens. I decided to wait until I got a new coat before I made new mittens. I'm glad I waited because my coat is not colors I would normally pick.

I found just the right (heathered!) yarn to match at Knit Witz in Hellertown.

I'm stocking my yarn at Knit Witz too and I've sold a couple of skeins there. I just put 7 there to see how it would go and now I need to restock! Its fantastic.

I also have some yarn at Yarny Goodness which opened today! Pam did a great job on the shop and she has some colors that aren't available on my etsy shop so check it out!

My current knitting project is top secret but hopefully that'll be done soon and I can post some pictures with the recipient. I'm very excited about so I wish I could tell you but it might be found in my Ravelry pages within the next week so you can see it there.

The high speed internet fairy has visited my house so more blogging to come.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

After much deliberation the winner of the January 2008 Name That Colorway Contest is. . . .

with her suggestion of

Having been a huge fan of the book 21 Balloons in elementary school I was thrilled with this suggestion. Krakatoa?
This great new yarn will be up in my etsy shop very shortly so make sure you get a skein before it sells out.
As an added bonus all entrants in the contest will receive $2 off a skein of their choice for this week only. Just enter your Ravelry name in the comments and I'll adjust the price and send a new invoice.
I'll also be updating with another new color and also some more of the Kettle colorway in sock weight by tomorrow. Head on over.