Sunday, July 29, 2007

Long lost blogger found up to her elbows in summer plans. . .

Okay, so the title was a bit high in the cheese factor but, oh well . . .
I am back to my little blog after a 3 week hiatus.
Super great things are going on here but only a few that I can share.
Lets see, how about a list?
General Interest
1.Went to Knoebels and had a good time. I rode a few rides, had some waffles and ice cream, and got a postcard for my Sockapalooza pal.
2. Watched a pretty decent movie.
3. Read a good book(in 6 hours I might add)
4. Spent every Saturday at the restaurant watching Dan play the piano.
5. Had my 26th birthday. I'll be posting about my biggest gift soon.
6. Went to Kraemers again.
7. Finished knitting the Trellis parts. Now just to seam/graft and knit the collar.
8. Frogged the back of my mom's cardie and reknit about 4 1/2 inches only to realize I forgot to do the increases after the ribbing.
9. Started a Bonsai tunic to knit with my sister.
10.Spent more time on Ravelry than I care to admit.

Next up? Inner-tubing down the Delaware River and a quick trip to Grandma's next weekend(Hopefully with pictures)

Thursday, July 5, 2007


After two months of slogging along on these socks, they are finally done. Don't get me wrong. I like them. I think they're great. I was happy to knit them for my sock pal, and I think she'll like them. Its just they took forever. Granted I did take a break for this but two months? for socks? I have to be the slowest sock knitter in the universe. Especially compared to the Knit/Wit.


Pattern:Go With The Flow Socks from Favorite Socks

Yarn: Hand-dyed Kraemers "Jeannie"

Needles: US 2

Start: May 7 or so

Finish: July 4

Don't worry-- they'll be properly washed and wrapped before I send them out.