Saturday, February 16, 2008

Its been a busy month!

I started a new job and actually that's about it. I know that its big news for anyone, but when you haven't had a job in a few years it seems like a monumental occasion! I like it(in case you cared) and its nice to get out of the house and make some money!

I have been doing a bunch of knitting. For now the new job is like that. We have a bunch of down time and I've been knitting. I get a bunch of jealous looks since everyone else is just sitting around waiting and I'm busy knitting away!

I finished my Tilted Duster:

I love it! I still haven't blocked it properly and it smells like sheep but its one of the best things I've made. I'm wearing it right now!

I bought some yarn.

Yarn Nerd was having a sale on an overdye color(math nerd) and I snatched one of those up right away. His yarn is a little finer than mine and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

I also bought some Ultra Alpaca Light for my snail mittens. I decided to wait until I got a new coat before I made new mittens. I'm glad I waited because my coat is not colors I would normally pick.

I found just the right (heathered!) yarn to match at Knit Witz in Hellertown.

I'm stocking my yarn at Knit Witz too and I've sold a couple of skeins there. I just put 7 there to see how it would go and now I need to restock! Its fantastic.

I also have some yarn at Yarny Goodness which opened today! Pam did a great job on the shop and she has some colors that aren't available on my etsy shop so check it out!

My current knitting project is top secret but hopefully that'll be done soon and I can post some pictures with the recipient. I'm very excited about so I wish I could tell you but it might be found in my Ravelry pages within the next week so you can see it there.

The high speed internet fairy has visited my house so more blogging to come.