Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy, Happy!

I guess I'm a once-a-week blogger. I'd like to blog more but I like to wait until there is something interesting to blog--which seems to be once a week.

I made another trip to Kraemers today, this time with Dan in tow.

I was actually there to get something that's a secret so that will have to wait BUT while I was at the counter I wanted the price of some Indiecita Alpaca that I saw was in sale basket. Dan said "Lets just get what we came here for." Then the lady said "My treat! Go get what you need!"

That is the second time that lady has done something super nice for me. I don't even know your name but: Thank you, nice lady!!

So now I have 8 balls of Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca in a beautiful blue in the stash. I'm searching ravelry right now for a decent pattern. Maybe I have enough for a 3/4 sleeve Cece!

I have been pretty busy this past week with this:

The roof of that, actually. Dan and I ripped off and put on a new roof down the street from our apartment. I got a pretty good sunburn and I was so tired. But its done and it looks good.

We went fishing yesterday. I caught a 9 1/2" bass(not a keeper) and Dan caught a couple little tiny ones. It was nice to be out in the boat again even if it has sprung another leak and we had to bail out the water.

The sock is coming along nicely. I've been working on this off and on but I'd really like to have it finished by the end of June(because of Alison's contest).

I started the back of Trellis on Thursday. I really like knitting on it despite having to rip out a few rows here and there. Cables on charts don't really help me too much but I'm learning how to read it. Lace charts are fine for some reason just not cables.

We've been thinking about where we'd like to go on vacation later this summer. We'll be heading out to Knoebels the second week in July for a couple of days. I'd really like to go on a "real" vacation though. Has anyone ever been to Edisto Beach, South Carolina? The pics online look great and its (relatively)near Charleston.
Off to Ollies Bargain Outlet!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Of Heath and yarn and baby things. . .

I just finished a Heath-Bar-Caramel-Sweet-Cream-in-a-Waffle-cone and was it ever good! Usually ice cream's not my thing and up until about 5 minutes before we left I was thinking pie but then. . . I love Heath more than pie.

I've been hanging out at Ravelry more than anywhere else lately. Yeah, its as good as everyone's been saying. I can't wait until everything is done.

I'm still chugging away at my Sockapalooza socks. I'm almost to the heel on the second one. I don't know, I guess I'm just kinda bored with the pattern. I still really like the look of it though.

I started a Trellis for a lovely couple in our church about to issue their first child. I picked Tatamy Tweed in a lovely lime color so it would be unisex. Now that I'm knitting with it, I see that it has a lot more fuchsia flecks in than I would have liked. Dan say it looks okay, so I'll keep going. If its too girly they can save it for their next one :)

There is a SALE at my favorite yarn store! They didn't advertise so I thought I'd save them some trouble. YEAH! 25-40% off everything(except their own brand)

I bought some sock yarn for Dan(Paton's Kroy)

And the greatest news of all time?

I can finish my mom's sweater.
I went to the Fantasy Naturale shelf and they didn't have any color that would match the blue at all. And of course not the actual color I was looking for. I called Mom and asked her if she'd like it another color. I trudged up to the counter and purchased 6 skeins in beige(ho hum) I told the lady my sad story of the sad sweater with not enough yarn. Then, get this, she pulls out two skeins of the exact yarn I needed!!! She has set them aside for herself but she figured my need was greater than her own! I returned the beige and emerged triumphant from the GREATEST YARN STORE ON EARTH. Incidentally, they'll be renovating in a few months so they'll be closed for a while :(
I was so happy to see today too, that Auntie Saar has found her way back to blogland. Its not a knitting blog but its nice to read what she has to say :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One is the loneliest number. . .

So I'd better cast on for the next one before the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome comes knocking.
I just kitchenered the toe about 10 minutes ago. Its slightly too big for my foot which should be about right for my sock pal(she wears a 7 1/2, I wear a 6 or 6 1/2). What do you think of the color?
In other news, we planted most of our garden today(a little late, I know) in a thunder storm. About 15 minutes before we went out, it was hailing! Fortunately, our other little plants were hardy enough to withstand that pelting! I was so worried for the baby peas and the broccoli.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Mission Accomplished

The Josephine top is done. After pulling all day knit-a-thons for the past week, I finished up at 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon. I had to be at the church at 4:30. There's still a few ends to be woven in but otherwise its done!!! Don't you love the Harvest Gold appliances?

Started: May 31 2007
Finished: June 10, 2007
Pattern: Josphine Top by Deborah Newton in Interweave Knits Summer 2007
size: 36 1/2
Yarn: Turquoise designer yarn that was given to me by a very nice lady at church.(She asked,"Is this to thin to knit with?") dyed turquoise with Dylon dye.
Needles: US 5 and US4 for the armhole bind off.
Changes: I substituted the cord for some sheer ribbon. I knew I wouldn't have time to make it myself. Other than that I followed the pattern exactly.
My thoughts: I think this is the first sweater that I've made that I'll actually wear. The length is super, the color looks good on me, and I don't have to keep adjusting anything on it. Its pretty light considering that the yarn is probably 100% cotton. Not completely sure of that though. I totally recommend this pattern. Its fairly quick although I was stressed out while I was finishing the front on Saturday.(Just ask Dan)

Hurray for wearable knits!

Back to sockapaloozing-- this week a finished sock(I promise)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just a quick update on what's happening here!

I took a break from the Sockapalooza sock, for this week, to work on the Josephine top from the IK. Does that yarn look familiar? That's because it is. Knitting is fun. That's my new knitting motto.(Remind me of that around Christmas, please) Vogue #10= not fun. At.All. I'd really like to have a little heart to heart with that designer.
Josephine has a deadline of Sunday, June 10. Yup, this Sunday. We're having a choir program in the evening and the theme is rivers and, well, its the perfect color. I'm almost to the arm holes in the back. *Cross* your fingers.
My deadline is further hampered by my invite to Ravelry. It is so.much.fun. I had no idea there were knitters in my neck of the woods.(I guess I don't get out much, knittingwise).
On the otherhand, I discovered Bloglines so my blog reading time is cut in half. I'm a little delayed technologically, what can I say?

Off to add some knitting projects to my "queue" YEAH!