Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hello, all my faithful readers(all two of you) I'm back to posting on this here blog a little more regularly, I hope.
Between not having a camera and Ravelry, I just haven't gotten the chance to get on here in so long! I've been super busy with Christmas preparations. I'm knitting a whole bunch of gifts this year but I'm almost done with the bigger ones.
Like three sweaters for the nephews:

I've since put the initials on the front and the rest of this afternoon will be devoted to weaving in ends and blocking!

Those are about the only Christmas presents I can show you since I'm not sure who in my family (still) reads my blog. I promise that I'll get plenty of post-Christmas knitty gifts up as soon as I can.

I do have some finished knitting although its been since Rhinebeck!

I finished this in enough time to wear it on Sunday at the festival. I've actually worn it lots of times since too but only got around to taking pictures of it today.

Its 93-27 Sleeveless jumper with belt from Drops. Super cute although I wish I would have added about 3 more inches to the bottom. That seems to be a big issue with me. I know its going to be too short, just reading the pattern, but the idea of knitting 2-3 more inches in plain stockinette when all I want is to change it up and do some decreasing is just too overwhelming for me. So I am forever fated to too short sweaters. Now I just have to buy a bunch more longer shirts to go underneath.

I did buy some yarn at Rhinebeck too. It occurred to me after we left that that day must have been a "red" day as the only yarns I got were:

Yup, almost the same exact shade too. However, the bulkier is slated for a Tilted Duster and the Chaco for Dan's Cambridge Jacket. Both will have to wait until after Christmas or I'll get nothing else done!

I am really enjoying Ravelry. I have gotten some really great feedback and some even greater yarn from swaps! Like 5 balls of this Nashua Vignette so I can try entrelac!

It has really helped the shy, introvert part of me actually promote Starbugknits.
I'm doing really well at the whole business stuff but my dye studio is still not completely done. I'm waiting on my propane tank for the stove and the sink hook-up. I have to talk to Dan about that! I'm getting so bored with my already dyed stuff and I am really anxious for a shop update!