Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Boy, I've been neglecting the blog even more than usual these days and that's saying a lot!

I haven't been very busy this summer. I've been on one small vacation to Cape May on the 4th of July but other than that I've been home. We've grown a ginormous garden this year and now I have about 20 pounds of pickling cucumbers staring at me with no hope for canning right now!

I'm having yet another sale at Starbugknits on sock yarn so I can clear out some inventory for some new colorways this fall. So I'm selling it all off at $10 a skein!

I've been knitting a couple of things for the baby and I have a super amount that I still want to do! So far I've knitted:

a daisy sweater

a little fuzzy lamb

and I'm almost done the blanket!

I have the yarn for a Christmas sweater from Dale of Norway 191 that I picked up with my birthday coupon at Mountain Knits and Pearls in East Stroudsburg. There are such cute things in that book! I like too that it has different weight yarns not just Baby Ull.

I am deciding against much Christmas knitting this year. I would normally already be planning that but I know my track record of finishing the night before and with a newborn that is soooooo not going to happen. I *might* knit some socks for my mom and some Christmas ornaments. Other than that everyone's getting gift cards!

The summer is going by so fast I just can't believe it. I'm reminded by my growing belly that November will be here before I know it! Back in March it seemed forever away!

I should be getting some new starbugknits news this week and I will update as soon as I do!