Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Quick update!

I thought I'd throw in a little post today, but my to do list is pretty long AND I have to finish it by 3:00.

Lots of knitting going on. I cast on for a top-down raglan for myself with some yarn that I messed up dyeing(did you know over dyeing in brown will turn it black?:)) So its a nice basic black fingering weight on large(sz. 8) needles. I hope it turns out nice and lacy. I'm calling it the black hole raglan since its just a mass of black and its hard to tell what it looks like at all :)

I also started a pair of Embossed leaves. I had to rip out to the heel yesterday as is standard for me with a new pattern. The yarn is my own hand-dyed. Unfortunately the exact color will probably never be available since it was done before I wrote down instructions. I love it though so I will attempt to replicate it in the near future.
Also, to start my gift knitting, I have cast on for my first Weasley sweater for the nephews. I have three to make so I started with the biggest first. I was going to try intarsia in the round for it but that gave me a headache. The initial will be stitched on with duplicate stitch later. Sorry there's no pictures.Next post, maybe a finished object.
I finished my mom's sweater too! No time for a pic as she was headed out the door for a weekend away. Turned out nice, I think. I 'll get her to model soon!
Did I mention that i finished the Trellis too? Just in time, since Eric and Lucy moved 6 days later to Indiana! I love it!

Speaking of hand-dyed yarns, I had my first order last week! It was a great day! I sold my only skein of "Kitty" and it was in a smaller put up. I hope the buyer really enjoys it!

In non-knitting land, we'll be moving in less than two months.(!) Not far really but far enough that I'll probably have to find a new knitting group. Maybe I'll start one. I'm looking very forward to moving to a bigger place but not the actual moving part.

Have a great day, everybody!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A shop update went out this morning. There are a couple of pretty amazing colors if I do say so myself. Among them, Evensong. Quantities are limited so hurry on over.

Its been about a week since my super fun trip to New York with my sister and our two friends so I thought I'd better post about it before I forget everything.
It was a pretty basic fiber tour, only about two stores but I think we did pretty good.
First Mood Fabric was so overwhelming that we had to go back after we'd had something to eat.
If you've never been there you should really go. Floor to ceiling with the most beautiful fabrics in 60" widths. There was a whole row of silk(chiffon, brocade, etc.) and cottons and everything. I picked out two:

The reddish is cotton knit, the striped is a soft cotton print.I don't have any ideas what to make from them but they are beautiful!

We went to School Products too. To be honest, I was a little dissappointed in their selection. The prices were good but there wasn't a whole lot too choose from. I will be going back soon, though. I wish I would have gotten some cashmere to make a few Christmas scarves. Oh well. I did getthis cone of brushed wool/nylon lace weight.

There's almost 35oo yards on that one cone! I have a secret project that I'm starting with that soon. I'll blog soon(I hope) about that!
Have a great day, and don't forget to checkout

Monday, August 20, 2007

And the winner is. . .

After much deliberation, the winner of the first ever contest on Starbugknits is:


with her suggestion of Evensong.

This was a great turn out! I had 85 ideas left in my inbox with only 3 repeats!
Excellent! A huge thank you to everyone who participated. I'll be doing this again soon, so keep checking back! And don't forget to check out I'll be updating the shop with "Evensong" and a few other new colors tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Name that Colorway!

I love the colors(navy and purple) but just can't think of a name!

Please submit your idea in the comments with your email address.

The winner will receive one hank of handdyed sock yarn from in the colorway of their choice.

Deadline for entries is Friday,August 17 at 10 pm EST.Winner will be announced on Monday August 20.
Good Luck!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


a brand new shop for handdyed yarn!
mention that you saw it on my blog and receive free shipping during the month of August
Starbug Knits

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Great things going on around here!
On my way out to go to Grandma's on Friday, I got my sockapalooza package!
This is the contents of my package:

That's*two* pairs of socks, beaded stitch markers, jelly bellies, AND a lovely felted tote bag.
I was so overwhelmed by all those delightful things!Look how beautiful those stitch markers are:

Oh, there was a box of Lindt truffles too, but they met their demise on trip. I think I saved them, but left them in the freezer at my grandma's house.

Thank you so much, Dana N.!

In knitting news, I have on sleeve left on my mom's cardigan, some ends to weave in on my Trellis, and a felted bag started with all my leftover bits of wool. I've been depressed about how many WIPs I actually have but listing them out like this really helps. Maybe I'll cast on for something else now.
Next Monday, I'm going to New York with my sister and our two sewing friends. I AM SO EXCITED!