Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I few weeks ago I made a list. Not just some crummy list on an envelope but a real typed list of ALL the things I want to knit in 2007. Am I just a little too ambitious? I 'm thinking that maybe there isn't enough stuff for me on here too.
So here's the list:
1. Dad's Christmas stocking-- this was actually supposed to be his Christmas present but I added a few extra hats for my nephews onto my already overloaded Christmas knits and well. . . Dad could wait.
2.Mom' blue cotton sweater-- this was one of the first sweaters I knit (Springfling from knitty if you must know). I used a different but identical looking stitch pattern but it wasn't stretchy enough. Mom's had it in her closet ever since so I took it back ripped the whole thing out and I have to remake it now. I have since made myself a "Spring Fling" and I think I can handle it now. The yarn is is Fantasy Naturale so I'll have to rework the gauge too. Great.
3. Dan's cardigan-- this doesn't have to be done until Dec. 14(our 5th anniversary). Dan picked out the Cambridge Jacket from IK Summer '06 and some Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Fire cracker heather. So now I just have to buy it.
4. Wrap Jacket for me-- this is from knitpicks. I had two other patterns bought from there but I think I'll really wear this one in Sapphire heather.
5 &6. Pink Fluffy and Cable sweaters-- I mad these two or so years ago and I want to rework them so I'll actually wear them, just little tweaks to both. or maybe major frogging we'll see.
7.Socks for Dan--- I think I'll change these to mittens. Dan found some alpaca yarn he'd like mittens out of so. . .
8. Mittens for Laura-- my sister-in-law has these old "hobo" mittens that are worn thru so I thought I'd knit her a nice pair for christmas.
The last two are "surprise" Christmas gifts so you'll have to wait on those.

What do you think? Too ambitious?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My first blog!

I have been reading blogs (especially knitting blogs) for about a year and a half now. I always said that I wouldn't ever have my own, but here I am! I think it was just time. Dan's getting tired of hearing about my knitting ideas and adventures but I have to share with SOMEONE!
Anyway, this is day one and I hope whoever reads this finds it interesting!