Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Name that sock yarn!

The sock is a little slow going around here. My hands keep getting sticky and then the yarn doesn't want to move, or when it does all the stitches slip right off. I predict that I'll be in the air conditioning more this summer than ever. I'm really enjoying the pattern. I had to rip back the heel once because I was off center for the instep pattern. I had some knitting time during Memorial Day so I wasn't too upset about it.

I had to take my sewing machine to get fixed yesterday. Its been doing strange things since I got it last year but I was in denial. The thread keeps bunching underneath and the tension was wacky. I had to drive 45 minutes away to another Joann's since the Husqvarna store in my Joanns closed up shop a month ago. I'll be making that trip again next Wednesday to pick it up.

I stopped at a little bead shop on the way home(my father's beads). Awhile back they sold yarn as well as beads but the last time I was in there they were selling out. It was slim pickins yesterday but they had:

Star by Classic Elite and Opal sock yarn.

The only thing is the Opal doesn't have a dyelot so I have no idea what color/collection its from. Can you name that yarn?

It was only after I left the store that I remembered that I'm supposed to be on a yarn diet! Oops, no returns on yarn! I got all excited because it was all 40% off!

I also got the new Interweave Knits last week. I bought it for the Origami cardigan but now that I look at I don't think I like it anymore. I really like the Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke. I think if I end up making it the cables will start about 3 repeats higher in the front for some obvious(?) reasons. I also like Josephine,Notre Dame de Grace, Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt, and Ogee Lace skirt!

Friday, May 25, 2007

First off today:

Flashback to 1974. The year of the peasant look. The year of the argyle sweater.My Grandma started this wrap sweater 33 years ago. It has been sitting in her basement ever since, finished except for sleeves and seaming. It was knit in Red Heart "Wintuk" Clansman Sport yarn, doubled, on size 8 needles. There's one word to describe that: dense. Oh, and really warm. Grandma is a very good knitter. I've never seen such a beautiful stranded reverse side. She got it out on our last visit so I could decide if I could finish it.The sleeves are knit in the variegated yarn. I guess my question is; Should I try to knit the sleeves and seam it? I've thought about making the whole thing again(a little looser maybe) in wool. I think its a really neat sweater but. . . I don't know

Speaking of the perfect sweater. I was getting out my summer(!) clothes today.

I came across this great white sweater I've had for 7 years. Why is it so great?

  • It fits perfectly
  • It goes with a bazillion things
  • Its machine-washable
  • The sleeves are a true 3/4 length
  • The body length is just right
However, it is looking a little old and worn out. What's a knitter to do? That's right, I'll copy it. Right down to the knitted in facings! The original is cotton/acrylic so Cotton Ease should do the trick!
I also found this green sweater.I've only worn it maybe twice in the last two years because the sun faded part of the left half of it. You can really see it there under the sleeve.
Why do I love this sweater?
  • Its very fine gauge

  • Its got an adorable tie in the front

  • Its 100% natural fiber (70% silk,15% cotton,15% cashmere)

  • Did I mention that its mostly silk?
The time has come to dye it! I picked up some navy dye this afternoon. I realized after I got home that I will need to purchase new buttons since the ones on it are green too.

On the knitting progress front, the first sockapalooza sock has a turned heel. My row gauge is off but I've tweaked that just fine. It'll just be a little longer in the leg which is what my pal prefers anyway.

The turquoise sweater back is done . I started the front left. The fronts are knit on the bias with yo's at the beginning of the row. Its very interesting to say the least but oddly enough I'm having an easier time with the front than I did for the back. Thanks for all the positive comments on the back!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I have been getting a lot of knitting time this week and although I have spent HOURS on the computer this week, none of that included blogging, obviously.
I am enjoying my first Sockapalooza. I was starting to be stressed out until I realized that I have a long time to work on this. As soon as I realized that, my whole project just came together. I dyed my yarn again.(Is that called overdyeing?) It is really a lovely shade of green now. There are some little blips of dark pink all in it from my koolaid dying but I think it makes the yarn a little more interesting to work with. I am doing the "Go With The Flow" sock from Favorite Socks. I really wanted to do the anniversary socks but the cables on the cuff just didn't look right in the yarn. This pattern is perfect. Lacy-- but not too lacy and not difficult at all. My sock pal has knitted lace socks so I was a little intimidated to try anything super fancy. I tried the Monkey socks everyone has been knitting and I made a few mistakes and had to frog the whole thing. I will try Monkey again just not when it has to be *perfect*.
Its a little dark and blurry but its still awful purty!
In other knitting news, I attended MDS&W an eon ago and now I have the camera back to show you all what I got:

Yup, that's it. Last year, it was about the same only blue. No, I don't spin.(But will, if it kills me) I have a hard time deciding on yarn when there is SOOO much variety. Plus, my husband has little patience while I decide. Just picking out that roving was iffy.

Here's the tank top I finished. My twin brother informed me that it looked like a knitted version of marijuana this evening. Great. That'll give me a lot of confidence *if* I ever wear it.
And the piece de resistance:

Vogue #10. I know its a more advanced pattern but would it have killed the designer to let me know where to start the lace pattern in those increasing/decreasing rows? I think the cardie is beautiful but its kicking me in the butt. Really hard! On the other hand, the yarn has wonderful drape at this gauge, and the color is fantastic. One of the greatest things though, is that I'll probably have enough yarn to make two. Not that I will but at least I won't run out. I just started the second ball of yarn at the armholes of the back!(I have 9)

More regular blogging soon, and a fun announcement later next week.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I made a decision, sort of. . .

Thanks to everyone who left a comment with their favorite sock book. I went to Barnes and Noble last night and got. . . . . Favorite Socks from IK! I like almost every pair in this book!
I've decided on the Anniversary socks for my pal. If they don't work out I'm going to try the Waving Lace and if those don't work out I'm going to try "Go with the Flow". If none of those works out, I'm going to purchase some new yarn. I think my color choice is making it a little hard.
Again, Thanks to everyone!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

So I guess I should be working on Sockapalooza. . . .

But I'm not. The pattern choice is not coming easy since my pal has already knit the one I had my heart set on making. A trip to Barnes and Nobles tomorrow should clear that all up. Yes, I'm buying a knitting book.(Sensational Knitted Socks, I think) It will only be my 3rd knitting book in 4 years of knitting but its seems like the right thing to do. I want my sock pal to be happy, and I also want to be happy.(Instead of frustrated as I am when I think of designing my own sock pattern) Sockapalooza is about fun NOT stress and the free patterns just aren't doing it for me.
That said, I have just cast on for a sweater for myself. #10 from Vogue knitting spring/summer '07 out of the turquoise yarn. I have been scheming and designing for the yarn but today I am going to knit with it. Hopefully it'll be something I'll wear. I have such bad luck with that.
Which brings me to my last point. I finished the tank that was destined for the sheep and wool last night and its too.short. I just got so tired of stockinette stitch that I shortened it a whole inch. I'm kicking myself now. There is some good news though. I did a seed stitch neckline and it looks beautiful.
Pics sometime this week and all about the sheep and wool!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sockapalooza 4!

I know I've mentioned earlier that I signed up for sockapalooza but I'm just so excited about it!
I dyed my sock yarn with pink lemonade kool-aid. It didn't turn out too even but I think it'll be soooo pretty anyway! I was researching some other patterns this morning. I wanted it to be lacy but not too lacy, kwim? Has anyone knit Embossed Leaves from IK? I read on another blog(I forget which) that it makes a very loose sock so I'm a little nervous.
I'm also sooo curious about the sockpal who is making my socks. I didn't put too much in my sock preferences because I didn't want to just dictate a style and then not be surprised at all.
I love every color-- except maybe puce or something but even still in the proper place, who knows?
I need to email my sock pal(since she doesn't have a blog) and see how she'd like lacy stuff. I'm not sure how much info to divulge.
This is sooo much fun!
Hopefully, I'll get some pictures up after Sheep and Wool this weekend!