Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Name that colorway contest!

I had such a great time with the last color contest that I decided to do it again!
Here is the color:

gray(lt. to dark) and bright red

The rules are the same:
  1. Leave all entries in the comments of this post.

  2. You can submit as many entries as you want.

  3. Make sure to leave an email address or blog site or Ravelry user name with your entry.(No contact info, no entry)

  4. The winner will receive on skein of handdyed yarn in the colorway of your choice from starbugknits.etsy.com.(I will also do a custom dye if you wish)

Now, have at it!

ETA: Contest ends January 10 @midnight EST.


Floderten said...

Huh.. That's an interesting colourway! Very nice!! :)

How about.. "postman"? Reminds me of those red postman coats with grey lining that they use in the winter. Or maybe that's just here in Denmark?

Or some gothic kind of name. Like "Vampyrica" or something. ;) That's a kind of bloody red!

Floderten said...

Or "Silver Bullet" or "Murder". It's kind of twisted.. I might come back several times with more lame names; I go nuts over these kinds of contests. :D

Amelia said...

What about "Newspaper" - because it's "black and white and red all over"?

Or, something like "Firetruck" Something about the red mixed with greys always reminds me of fire trucks.

In any event, it looks great!

Loretta said...

It looks like Ohio State colors to me so how about Brutus for their mascot!!

frenchette said...

how about "Hot Charcoal" thats what it made me think of. Valérie

Anisa said...

These are MIT colors, so I'm going to have to throw in for "Blood and Concrete". The official names for the MIT colors are "cardinal" and "steel gray", but the students like the other name better.

ravelry: naiaha

Donna B. said...

I thought of the University of Georgia, so my first suggestion would be "Bulldog."

A few more that play on the blood/goth thing:

"Rose Among Clouds"
"Blood and Thunder"

this is fun!

Anonymous said...

This makes me think of the fireplace at my parents, maybe call it "Cinders" or "Cinders and Ash"
Kcatt79 is my ravelry name

Jen said...

what about Forge Fire?

or just Forge?

Fire and Steel?

Hearth Fire?

Hephaestos (aka Vulcan - god of fire and the forge)?

Hestia (goddess of the hearth)?

Kristin said...

Apparently I'm not the only one who thought of university colors (OSU in my case), so how about 'Collegiate'?

Ravelry: brineydeep4

MonicaPDX said...

LOL - I swear I thought of this before reading the similar one in donna b.'s list:
"Rose In Gloom"
Also: "Film Noir"

And for really bad advertising - I don't think even the Goth-inclined would go for these:
"Dead Rat"
I think I'd better stop while I'm ahead. ;)

On Rav: monicapdx

Anonymous said...

This totally reminds me of fire and smoke. So my nomination is "No Smoke Without Fire"

Ravelry: Nordly

Anonymous said...

I had a similar thought as a previous poster: Thinking of "black and white and red all over," I was thinking of the name "good book."

Alternately, and for no reason, the name "Frenchie" popped into my head.

coreydina on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

How about "Bloody Sunday" or maybe, because it reminds me of a volcanic eruption, "Pompey".

Anonymous said...

Ooooorrrr.. (I love trying to name things =D ) how about "Pleasantville." Or "Welcome to Oz." Both from the same inspiration: black and white movies turning into color flix.

rav: coreydina

Kiriko Moth said...

I would call it 'Jupiter'

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that should be spelled "Pompeii," I think.

Morrighan said...

Seeing as the grey looks almost faded blue on my screen, how about Ol' Glory?

Morrighan said...

Ooh! Thinking more about it, it looks like a mix of old war uniforms, so how about Revolution?

simplyducky said...

What about "Sock Monkey"? It immediately reminded me of the colors in that oh-so-kitschy stuffed animal.

Ravelry: detritus

adrienne said...

howsabout "sock monkey"?

Redford Phyl said...

Sweeney as in Sweeney Todd. Dark story with lots of bright red blood.

Rhian said...

I'd go for "Vamp" or "Fatale" (as in femme fatale). Perhaps also "Horror Movie".

(I'm pistolera on Ravelry.)

Dove Knits said...

This reminds me of Ohio State colors, so I say name it "Go Bucks!" or "Sloopy."

Anonymous said...

I love the colors. Winter Cardinal-it reminds me of the cardinals against the grey winter sky.


ccknits said...

Queen of hearts? The colors just remind me of the disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland. "Off with her head" I like too.

Of course the Alaskan in me says "mosquito" as in greyish until you smack it.

So pretty!

Midnight Purls said...

Love that colorway. It reminds me of Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, so how about Centurion?

(midnightpurls on ravelry)

Miranda said...

I also thought Newspaper. How about "Minuet" - it's a Star Trek Character that the color reminds me of. My husband just got all the episodes... Oi!

Some others:
Scarlet Storm
Stormy Rose

Ravelry: XbelovedXoneX

Anonymous said...

It definitely reminds me of Civil War colours united together.... (or was that blue and gray?)

"Peace", "United" "Yanky-doodle" "Gettysburg" "Shenandoah"

Forgive me if I'm wrong on the Civil war colours....I'm Canadian:-)

Dianepurls (ravelry)

Strung Out said...

How about Big Apple? The grays remind me of sky scrapers and the red reminds me of ...an apple.

Really pretty color btw.


mtlaise said...

Cool colorway!

Hi, I'm mtlaise on Ravelry.I sort of saw this in 3 veins, depending on the specific shades (so hard to tell accurately on a monitor) - fire, volcanoes, and blood for the red, and smoke, ash/rock, and concrete for the greys.
Here are a few ideas that ran through my head based on those: Fire and Smoke, Live Embers, Molten Rock, Lava Flow, Crime of Passion or Crimescene.

Tammy said...

Love the colorway!!
I'm thinking "Checkers" for some reason it makes me think of the game of checkers. Or perhaps "Ladybug".

patita said...

Sleepy Hollow!

Jess said...

For some reason, I can't help but think "Cruella de Vil" when I look at it. =)

Cheeky Red Head said...

The color reminds me if steel and fire so how about Crucible

I am Peggy said...

This won't get me any free yarn, but, I vote for the previous poster who said "cinders & ash" I think it's perfect :-)

Peglett (ravelry)

Anonymous said...

"Winter cardinal" perhaps. Beautiful colorway. I'm needleclicker on Ravelry.

Adriana said...

I just saw Sweeney Todd last night so something in that theme, like "Demon Barber of Fleet Street".

Beth in WI said...

I thought of Ohio State immediately. Given last night's game I am tempted to call it "Choke."

I may perhaps be a little frustrated.


orata said...

or, in tribute to those driver's ed shock videos, Red Asphalt

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of wintery pavements and stop signs.

Urban Winter


Pele's Passion

Pele is the goddess of the volcanoes. Her color of passion would necessarily be red. :D

... although "Newspaper" is awesome and already taken.

ldpaulson ... ravelry

Anonymous said...

Braided Rug

Raverly name: sapphyre24

Anonymous said...

I'm such a nerd the first thing I thought of was Star Trek! How about "Enterprise". It makes me think of a ship.

Ravelry: Ltrain

mamaj said...

Red skies in morning...

"Sailor's Warning"

Looks like a stormy sky to me.

mamaj said...

"Red Balloon" or "Le Ballon Rouge" A black and white short film with a red balloon.

Hanna said...

This yarn is just perfect to knit socks for Christmas Elves (Santa's helpers) so name for yarn will be Tonttu (elf in Finnish).

Other suggestions:

Warm winter
Cherries for Grey day

I'm Hanna also in Ravelry

MamaMay said...

WEll I am liking the name Ravelry in honor of a very cool website.

Another name I like is Secret. I don't know why but the red just makes me think that.

MamaMay on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

"Sanguine" cuz it's got all the colours of blood cells!

Sandie on Rav

Erin said...

Ok, so I just watched "Steel Magnolias" last weekend, and the colorway looks like:

Bleeding Armadillo cake (the "cake" is optional in the name)

allergicmom said...

How about "Fly Away Home" (the first thing I thought of was Ladybug, but that's already been suggested).

Ravelry: wenat

ccknits said...

Painted lady - like the old days where women rouged cheeks and lips, blackened eyelashes, and powdered already pale faces

Josiane said...

What about Gred? Or Grouge (pronounced with an "oo" sound, as in "groove"), which is the French version of Gred, a mix of "gris" (gray) and "rouge" (red).
(kimianak on Ravelry)

Baby Beth said...

Blood thirst.

(BabyBeth on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

I thought of a school jacket, so my suggestion is "Blazer" also has the fire connotation.

purplestitches on Ravelry

brattyknitter said...

Steel Bordello
59 Mustang

Jordana said...

Wallstreet. This colorway makes me think of businessmen and women in their gray pinstriped suits with red ties.

ikkinlala said...

"Sockeye." They're silvery in the ocean and turn bright red when they spawn.

This would be especially appropriate for the sock yarn.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Arianne said...

I'd call it "The Girl in the Red Coat".

The combination of red with a background of greyscale reminds me of the girl in Schindler's List. It might be a bit of a depressing film, but that image comes to my mind really sharply when I look at that yarn.


e-mail: darklighter_solo-AT-hotmail-DOT-com
Ravelry: wanderlustlost

annariu said...

Had to come and look...

First thing that popped in my mind was "Sin City"

The colours remind me of the movieposter...

I'm annariu on ravelry

Melissa said...

Queen's Guard.


Sweater Punk.

Sooty Bricks.


Crime Scene.

I'm melissa on Ravelry. Can't wait to see what you go with!

Trista said...

I was totally thinking "Girl in the Red Coat" before I read the above post suggesting the same. Great minds thing alike :-)

Some other suggestions:
Hot Lava
A Rose Among Thorns
I'll Be Seeing You
Lunar Eclipse
Tears of Cupid
Peppermint Bark
Worlds on Fire
American Beauty

I think that's enough :-)

I'm CurlsNPurls on Ravelry

invisibleinsanity said...

Devils Advocate


Trista said...

So I thought of another one. Then that's it. I promise.

Racing Stripes

KatieMcG said...

I have to second the awesome "crime scene" but since that won't win me anything, how about Slayer or Helsing. Can you tell I've been listening to Dracula on audible?

ravelry: katiemcg

Erin said...

You've gotten some great suggestions! Here are my contributions:
Kraken (the deep sea monster)
Mordor (from Lord of the Rings)

rav: luci99

kepharel said...

Victoria (Victoriana) - it reminds me of victorian-era clothing and those roses that are so emblematic in our minds of that era.

Safety - the remains of a fire.

And, of course, like many others, my mind went to Sweeny Todd, so maybe "Fleet Street" or "Barber."

Ravelry name: knititblack

andrea said...

Pop Art
Candy Warhol

(Clearly, this colorway makes me think of all kinds of interesting graphic design!)

andrea said...

Er... That was me in the last comment above. I think the Blogger profile linked in my name provides enough contact info, but in case it doesn't... I'm at www.pinkargyle.com and am "argyleandrea" on ravelry. Thanks!

Jessica said...

It makes me think of Rocky Horror Picture Show.
-Time Warp
-Junior Chamber of Commerce
-Riff Raff

JLa on Ravelry

kasiaiscarly said...

OMG, I love the poster who said Bleeding Armidillo! However, it reminds me of the British soldier uniforms from the Revolution, so how about 'Red Coats' or 'The British are Coming' or 'One if by Land, Two if by Sea' or something along that Paul Revere theme!

KnittingPirate said...

"Blood on the Tracks"

Anonymous said...

How about "Gotham Candy Cane"? The red and white reminds me of a candy cane. The grays remind me of NYC in the Batman movies. It's a very yin and yang kind of colorway.

Whatever you name it, it's beautiful!

alaska said...

Those colors look very urban to me...
urban nights
urban chic

goth dreams

Alaska on Ravelry

Erin said...

The colors remind me of Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series, so...


Also, "Ladybug" came to mind as well.

~Erin (Stitchuesque on Ravelry.)

Kathi said...

Burned Love

Archymomma on Ravelry

Kyamo said...

"Molten Steel"

Because of the steel gray, but mixed with red it's partially molten.

Ravelry username Kyamo

andrea said...


(the fire monster from Lord of the Rings!)

website: www.pinkargyle.com
ravelry: argyleandrea

andrea said...

Hell's Kitchen
Zombie Crush

argyleandrea on ravelry

(This is way too much fun...)

Trista said...

So the monsters mentioned made me think of another one:

Ashes to Ashes

knitography said...

How about Steel Roses?

Anonymous said...

Sailor's Delight. As in Red Sky at Night, Sailor's Delight.

Cdaniele from Ravelry

Nadine said...

I should probably read the posts to make sure I'm not repeating anyone. But that is a lot of posts so:

Sin City
Film Noir
Lady Macbeth
Rosebud (like from Citizen Kane)
Kiss of Death

I'm CSIcrafter on Ravelry

Jeanne said...

What about:
-Ring on the Moon
-Cherry Coke Float
-Eternal Night
-Kiddie Scissors
-Field of Poppies

lilpixiestix on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Looks like OSU colors... such a disappointing team the last 3 championships. Disappointment?

ballewal is my Ravelry ID and also email if you add a yahoo.com to the end.

Karen said...

As soon as I saw it I thought "Queen of Hearts"! It is a lovely colourway.

Anonymous said...

Winter Cardinal
Dusty Peppermint
Moldy Tomato
Sock Monkey
Albino Dust Bunny
Winter Berries
Old Raspberry Pie
Gred (grey+red)
Misty Cranberry Bog
Foggy Stop Sign
Icy Hearts
Someone in the Fog

-stringcat on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Orion's Belt (there's a great pink nebula there)

Blood Drops/Snow Drops

Red Moon Rising


Cardinal Sins

Black Adder's Folly

Yeah, I don't know where that last one came from

Kate O. said...

Steel Kiss.

-hairpin on ravelry

Anonymous said...

Roses in the Rain

OK. I'm done now.

Anonymous said...

prep-school punk

Robin said...


khakigirl (on rav)

Anonymous said...

"Granite," Rock Berries," "Night Light"
CulturedPurl on Ravelry

Sarah said...

Ooh, so pretty! A few ideas...

Noir Love
Ashes and Rubies
Pleasantville (it reminds me of that movie -- the town is black and white at first, then bits of color begin to appear.)

My Rav username is Caryatid. Great contest!

Carla Willingham said...

Man's yarn,
"Macho" color
Carla Willingham

deesamnhank said...

Embarrassed Zebra
I made a glass bead by that name last fall that would match it!

Ruby Twilight

deesamnhank at Ravelry

deesamnhank said...

Whoops - it's dmedley@knology.net for Embarrassed Zebra or Ruby Twilight.

Lynn said...

"Navajo" because I see those colors in pottery and woolen navajo rugs.
Lynn (Durango on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Love on the Rocks
Rossetti Confetti

These are my suggestions.

This was fun, thanks :-)

zarzamora on Ravelry!

Anonymous said...

I'm KnitaStitch on Ravelry.

My immediate impression was of British uniforms.

Brit & Gray

Anonymous said...


And I notice the post above me, but I originally posted to say "British Redcoat" or "British Invasion"

I especially like the play of the different shades of grey.

Ravelry: mh1982

Anonymous said...

Lovely color.
Ashes and Roses

Good luck choosing, so many great suggestions.

Champer on Rav

hifidi said...

First thing I thought of was Dragon's Breath - how weird is that, lol.
same hifidi at Ravelry

Anonymous said...

lets try firebug, or how about Volcano
Raverly ID yarnlady40324

Anonymous said...

How about Blood Shadow or Bloody Shadow?

Rischknitter on Ravery.com

KnitaSaur said...


Scarlet said...

Darn... someone took my "cardinal sin" thought.

BUT, my other thought was "Miranda" from Serenity. Half the world went grey (laid down and died) and the other half went red (became reavers).

Ravelry: ScarletKnits

anno said...

my first reaction was.. that's a woodpecker.

so.. I'd probably name it something woodpeckerish. like.. woodpecker. :) or woody. or.. something else woodpeckerish.

Sharon Rose said...

Dammit - I thought "Sin City" but someone beat me to it.

How about "Ventricle?"

Sharon Rose said...

Oh! "Jumper" to go with the blood & concrete. :)

Sharon Rose said...

My GF said "Tiennamen Square" or "Zombie."

Josie said...

how about "School grey & blazer"

Chris said...

I am always a day late and a dollar short. It does look like Ohio State Colors. How about Go Bucks or buckeye luv

Bridget said...

Immediately thought "Hahvahd" though I don't know if those are the correct colors (I know the red is).

To finish the old joke, how about "Embarrassed Zebra"?

"Blood and Ticking": looks like an old ticking (grey and white) with blood

Fabulous colorway! If don't win it, I may have to buy it!

Technoknitter on Ravelry.

Miss Lu said...

Sock Monkey!

I saw it and I new instantly it should be called Sock Monkey! =)

I'm craftylulu on Ravelry.

emeraldmaiden said...

Beautiful yarn! But, a name ...

Hmmm ...

Cherries in the Ashes
Roses in the Ashes
Steel Becomes Molten
Whoops! The Razor Slipped

I'm emeraldmaiden on Ravelry.

Ellen said...

How about "BEEFCAKES" or "MANLINESS" The colors are great for a guy. Which are hard to find