Thursday, February 15, 2007

Progress of the knitting kind

I’ve been doing some knitting but nothing from the LIST.
I finished the socks that were on the list before I even started blogging but by some twist of fate the socks got a large whole in them after the second wash. I had some issues at the point of unraveling while I was decreasing the foot(re: there was a huge factory-made knot in the yarn) which totally spoiled my striping pattern and made me rip roaring mad because I didn’t notice it until I was too far to go back. I thought I could deal with it BUT now that it has gotten a whole the size of Montana in it I’m not too upset to rip back. Oh, and the second sock was too big too. Its only been a year since I started the stupid things.
I had to rip back some of the hat I was knitting for Dan too. It was just a few inches too short. I debated a couple of ways to do it and I think I picked best (just putting a lifeline in and ripping to before the decreases. Should be nice if I do say so myself.
I’m been working on my Stranded KAL mitts too. I really enjoy working on such small needles and these are really turning out. I can’t decide if I want to make them into mittens but that may be too much math for me to figure out. I love the pattern and praise Eunny for her knitting genius. I would have stared at that color work for ages before I would figure out the thumb gusset! I can’t wait to get her Anemoi mittens pattern. I may adapt that to be the flip top mittens for my sis-in-law’s Christmas present.
This last picture is a baby sweater I’m making for a lady at our church who was very disappointed to not find any white baby sweaters at the store. I think this will make her happy.It just needs a light blocking and then I'll be done!

Oh and I frogged that pink sweater and picked out a new pattern. Then I found out I only have about 500 yds of yarn. How could have made a whole sweater from that? That totally blows my mind. I’m afraid to take apart the green sweater because I’m afraid I won’t have enough yarn to make a sweater.I think I'll make this sweater with the green and get a solid for the sleeves.

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