Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A House of Leftovers and a FO!

Since we’ve been eating leftovers a lot lately(I’ve been roasting a chicken about once a week and then we’ve eaten hot chicken sandwiches after that) I thought I’d celebrate and get rid of some of my leftover Christmas Wool-ease and make Alison’s Leftover Vest. (Incidentally, the colors are also Hogwarts house colors in honor of Alison’s new book and no, I didn’t plan on that) I think I’m getting gauge although Dan thought it looked small. I can’t tell if the colors are the ugliest or the prettiest colors together that I’ve seen but I’m waiting until I get a little farther before I decide if I hate it or love it.(That could be a bad thing) There will be blue and gray added in there too. I've gotten more done since and I think I hate it but I need a second opinion.
I finished Dan’s hat and it’s exactly how he wanted it! YEAH!!! Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of that right now but it is just one color and stockinette so no loss there.
The socks are slow-going so there’s nothing new to show there.
The mitts are on hold as well. I am just really having a hard time with the Rowanspun. It’s the devil!!!!

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