Friday, May 25, 2007

First off today:

Flashback to 1974. The year of the peasant look. The year of the argyle sweater.My Grandma started this wrap sweater 33 years ago. It has been sitting in her basement ever since, finished except for sleeves and seaming. It was knit in Red Heart "Wintuk" Clansman Sport yarn, doubled, on size 8 needles. There's one word to describe that: dense. Oh, and really warm. Grandma is a very good knitter. I've never seen such a beautiful stranded reverse side. She got it out on our last visit so I could decide if I could finish it.The sleeves are knit in the variegated yarn. I guess my question is; Should I try to knit the sleeves and seam it? I've thought about making the whole thing again(a little looser maybe) in wool. I think its a really neat sweater but. . . I don't know

Speaking of the perfect sweater. I was getting out my summer(!) clothes today.

I came across this great white sweater I've had for 7 years. Why is it so great?

  • It fits perfectly
  • It goes with a bazillion things
  • Its machine-washable
  • The sleeves are a true 3/4 length
  • The body length is just right
However, it is looking a little old and worn out. What's a knitter to do? That's right, I'll copy it. Right down to the knitted in facings! The original is cotton/acrylic so Cotton Ease should do the trick!
I also found this green sweater.I've only worn it maybe twice in the last two years because the sun faded part of the left half of it. You can really see it there under the sleeve.
Why do I love this sweater?
  • Its very fine gauge

  • Its got an adorable tie in the front

  • Its 100% natural fiber (70% silk,15% cotton,15% cashmere)

  • Did I mention that its mostly silk?
The time has come to dye it! I picked up some navy dye this afternoon. I realized after I got home that I will need to purchase new buttons since the ones on it are green too.

On the knitting progress front, the first sockapalooza sock has a turned heel. My row gauge is off but I've tweaked that just fine. It'll just be a little longer in the leg which is what my pal prefers anyway.

The turquoise sweater back is done . I started the front left. The fronts are knit on the bias with yo's at the beginning of the row. Its very interesting to say the least but oddly enough I'm having an easier time with the front than I did for the back. Thanks for all the positive comments on the back!


Alotta.knittin said...

I love the first white sweater. Is this a pattern you can share? If so, may I have a copy by email?

And your grandmother's sweater is wonderful. I say do the sleeves, seam it, and wear it with pride...when it's about zero degrees outside!!

SJ said...

That is some sweater your grandmother was knitting! Doubled yarn on size 8s? Makes my joints hurt thinking about it ...