Saturday, May 19, 2007

I have been getting a lot of knitting time this week and although I have spent HOURS on the computer this week, none of that included blogging, obviously.
I am enjoying my first Sockapalooza. I was starting to be stressed out until I realized that I have a long time to work on this. As soon as I realized that, my whole project just came together. I dyed my yarn again.(Is that called overdyeing?) It is really a lovely shade of green now. There are some little blips of dark pink all in it from my koolaid dying but I think it makes the yarn a little more interesting to work with. I am doing the "Go With The Flow" sock from Favorite Socks. I really wanted to do the anniversary socks but the cables on the cuff just didn't look right in the yarn. This pattern is perfect. Lacy-- but not too lacy and not difficult at all. My sock pal has knitted lace socks so I was a little intimidated to try anything super fancy. I tried the Monkey socks everyone has been knitting and I made a few mistakes and had to frog the whole thing. I will try Monkey again just not when it has to be *perfect*.
Its a little dark and blurry but its still awful purty!
In other knitting news, I attended MDS&W an eon ago and now I have the camera back to show you all what I got:

Yup, that's it. Last year, it was about the same only blue. No, I don't spin.(But will, if it kills me) I have a hard time deciding on yarn when there is SOOO much variety. Plus, my husband has little patience while I decide. Just picking out that roving was iffy.

Here's the tank top I finished. My twin brother informed me that it looked like a knitted version of marijuana this evening. Great. That'll give me a lot of confidence *if* I ever wear it.
And the piece de resistance:

Vogue #10. I know its a more advanced pattern but would it have killed the designer to let me know where to start the lace pattern in those increasing/decreasing rows? I think the cardie is beautiful but its kicking me in the butt. Really hard! On the other hand, the yarn has wonderful drape at this gauge, and the color is fantastic. One of the greatest things though, is that I'll probably have enough yarn to make two. Not that I will but at least I won't run out. I just started the second ball of yarn at the armholes of the back!(I have 9)

More regular blogging soon, and a fun announcement later next week.


knitty_kat said...

I like the tank top - tell your brother to get stuffed!

The socks look great!

racherin said...

for the tank top--do some duplicate stitch or put a big bead or something in the middle of the motif and it will look more like a flower. But only if the leaf is bothering you. It is a really pretty tank.