Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy, Happy!

I guess I'm a once-a-week blogger. I'd like to blog more but I like to wait until there is something interesting to blog--which seems to be once a week.

I made another trip to Kraemers today, this time with Dan in tow.

I was actually there to get something that's a secret so that will have to wait BUT while I was at the counter I wanted the price of some Indiecita Alpaca that I saw was in sale basket. Dan said "Lets just get what we came here for." Then the lady said "My treat! Go get what you need!"

That is the second time that lady has done something super nice for me. I don't even know your name but: Thank you, nice lady!!

So now I have 8 balls of Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca in a beautiful blue in the stash. I'm searching ravelry right now for a decent pattern. Maybe I have enough for a 3/4 sleeve Cece!

I have been pretty busy this past week with this:

The roof of that, actually. Dan and I ripped off and put on a new roof down the street from our apartment. I got a pretty good sunburn and I was so tired. But its done and it looks good.

We went fishing yesterday. I caught a 9 1/2" bass(not a keeper) and Dan caught a couple little tiny ones. It was nice to be out in the boat again even if it has sprung another leak and we had to bail out the water.

The sock is coming along nicely. I've been working on this off and on but I'd really like to have it finished by the end of June(because of Alison's contest).

I started the back of Trellis on Thursday. I really like knitting on it despite having to rip out a few rows here and there. Cables on charts don't really help me too much but I'm learning how to read it. Lace charts are fine for some reason just not cables.

We've been thinking about where we'd like to go on vacation later this summer. We'll be heading out to Knoebels the second week in July for a couple of days. I'd really like to go on a "real" vacation though. Has anyone ever been to Edisto Beach, South Carolina? The pics online look great and its (relatively)near Charleston.
Off to Ollies Bargain Outlet!

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Sonja said...

It's hysterical to read a blog that mentions Kraemer and Knoebel's. Thise are two of my favorite places!!