Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Of Heath and yarn and baby things. . .

I just finished a Heath-Bar-Caramel-Sweet-Cream-in-a-Waffle-cone and was it ever good! Usually ice cream's not my thing and up until about 5 minutes before we left I was thinking pie but then. . . I love Heath more than pie.

I've been hanging out at Ravelry more than anywhere else lately. Yeah, its as good as everyone's been saying. I can't wait until everything is done.

I'm still chugging away at my Sockapalooza socks. I'm almost to the heel on the second one. I don't know, I guess I'm just kinda bored with the pattern. I still really like the look of it though.

I started a Trellis for a lovely couple in our church about to issue their first child. I picked Tatamy Tweed in a lovely lime color so it would be unisex. Now that I'm knitting with it, I see that it has a lot more fuchsia flecks in than I would have liked. Dan say it looks okay, so I'll keep going. If its too girly they can save it for their next one :)

There is a SALE at my favorite yarn store! They didn't advertise so I thought I'd save them some trouble. YEAH! 25-40% off everything(except their own brand)

I bought some sock yarn for Dan(Paton's Kroy)

And the greatest news of all time?

I can finish my mom's sweater.
I went to the Fantasy Naturale shelf and they didn't have any color that would match the blue at all. And of course not the actual color I was looking for. I called Mom and asked her if she'd like it another color. I trudged up to the counter and purchased 6 skeins in beige(ho hum) I told the lady my sad story of the sad sweater with not enough yarn. Then, get this, she pulls out two skeins of the exact yarn I needed!!! She has set them aside for herself but she figured my need was greater than her own! I returned the beige and emerged triumphant from the GREATEST YARN STORE ON EARTH. Incidentally, they'll be renovating in a few months so they'll be closed for a while :(
I was so happy to see today too, that Auntie Saar has found her way back to blogland. Its not a knitting blog but its nice to read what she has to say :)

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