Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Just a quick update on what's happening here!

I took a break from the Sockapalooza sock, for this week, to work on the Josephine top from the IK. Does that yarn look familiar? That's because it is. Knitting is fun. That's my new knitting motto.(Remind me of that around Christmas, please) Vogue #10= not fun. At.All. I'd really like to have a little heart to heart with that designer.
Josephine has a deadline of Sunday, June 10. Yup, this Sunday. We're having a choir program in the evening and the theme is rivers and, well, its the perfect color. I'm almost to the arm holes in the back. *Cross* your fingers.
My deadline is further hampered by my invite to Ravelry. It is so.much.fun. I had no idea there were knitters in my neck of the woods.(I guess I don't get out much, knittingwise).
On the otherhand, I discovered Bloglines so my blog reading time is cut in half. I'm a little delayed technologically, what can I say?

Off to add some knitting projects to my "queue" YEAH!


Jenn said...

Hey, I'm knitting Josephine, too! Except that I put mine aside to work on my Sockapalooza sock. ;)

SJ said...

Oooh, so jealous that you got an invite to Ravelry! I'm still waiting ... :-(

Dipsy said...

Your Josephine is coming along so beautifully - it's such a gorgeous pattern and I'm way impressed by the awesome colorway you're using! Looking forward to seeing more of it! Happy Knitting!