Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Quick update!

I thought I'd throw in a little post today, but my to do list is pretty long AND I have to finish it by 3:00.

Lots of knitting going on. I cast on for a top-down raglan for myself with some yarn that I messed up dyeing(did you know over dyeing in brown will turn it black?:)) So its a nice basic black fingering weight on large(sz. 8) needles. I hope it turns out nice and lacy. I'm calling it the black hole raglan since its just a mass of black and its hard to tell what it looks like at all :)

I also started a pair of Embossed leaves. I had to rip out to the heel yesterday as is standard for me with a new pattern. The yarn is my own hand-dyed. Unfortunately the exact color will probably never be available since it was done before I wrote down instructions. I love it though so I will attempt to replicate it in the near future.
Also, to start my gift knitting, I have cast on for my first Weasley sweater for the nephews. I have three to make so I started with the biggest first. I was going to try intarsia in the round for it but that gave me a headache. The initial will be stitched on with duplicate stitch later. Sorry there's no pictures.Next post, maybe a finished object.
I finished my mom's sweater too! No time for a pic as she was headed out the door for a weekend away. Turned out nice, I think. I 'll get her to model soon!
Did I mention that i finished the Trellis too? Just in time, since Eric and Lucy moved 6 days later to Indiana! I love it!

Speaking of hand-dyed yarns, I had my first order last week! It was a great day! I sold my only skein of "Kitty" and it was in a smaller put up. I hope the buyer really enjoys it!

In non-knitting land, we'll be moving in less than two months.(!) Not far really but far enough that I'll probably have to find a new knitting group. Maybe I'll start one. I'm looking very forward to moving to a bigger place but not the actual moving part.

Have a great day, everybody!

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knittygurl said...

Beautiful stuff! Can't wait to see progress on the black hole!