Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A shop update went out this morning. There are a couple of pretty amazing colors if I do say so myself. Among them, Evensong. Quantities are limited so hurry on over.

Its been about a week since my super fun trip to New York with my sister and our two friends so I thought I'd better post about it before I forget everything.
It was a pretty basic fiber tour, only about two stores but I think we did pretty good.
First Mood Fabric was so overwhelming that we had to go back after we'd had something to eat.
If you've never been there you should really go. Floor to ceiling with the most beautiful fabrics in 60" widths. There was a whole row of silk(chiffon, brocade, etc.) and cottons and everything. I picked out two:

The reddish is cotton knit, the striped is a soft cotton print.I don't have any ideas what to make from them but they are beautiful!

We went to School Products too. To be honest, I was a little dissappointed in their selection. The prices were good but there wasn't a whole lot too choose from. I will be going back soon, though. I wish I would have gotten some cashmere to make a few Christmas scarves. Oh well. I did getthis cone of brushed wool/nylon lace weight.

There's almost 35oo yards on that one cone! I have a secret project that I'm starting with that soon. I'll blog soon(I hope) about that!
Have a great day, and don't forget to checkout Starbugknits.com

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