Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Great things going on around here!
On my way out to go to Grandma's on Friday, I got my sockapalooza package!
This is the contents of my package:

That's*two* pairs of socks, beaded stitch markers, jelly bellies, AND a lovely felted tote bag.
I was so overwhelmed by all those delightful things!Look how beautiful those stitch markers are:

Oh, there was a box of Lindt truffles too, but they met their demise on trip. I think I saved them, but left them in the freezer at my grandma's house.

Thank you so much, Dana N.!

In knitting news, I have on sleeve left on my mom's cardigan, some ends to weave in on my Trellis, and a felted bag started with all my leftover bits of wool. I've been depressed about how many WIPs I actually have but listing them out like this really helps. Maybe I'll cast on for something else now.
Next Monday, I'm going to New York with my sister and our two sewing friends. I AM SO EXCITED!

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Amy said...

Amazing gift bag!