Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm not going to apologize for not blogging but I will show you some of what I've been doing.

Moving day got moved up a month(which is something we wanted) BUT we also have to get the new house painted and ready to go. Our current landlord want us out ASAP so they can get in here and get the apartment ready for the new guy. As soon as the new carpet is installed, we'll be hauling some stuff over there, but we're not sure what day our actual move will be.

Which means, there is a general purge of crap going on at our house. I'm trying to destash some yarn, too. SO much is stuff I need for Christmas, etc. This is the current state of our bedroom(I'm almost embarrassed to show it). There are boxes, laundry, sewing projects, and shoes EVERYWHERE! AHHHHH!!!!! I'm really looking forward to organizing everything afresh at the new place( I know, right?)

In fiber related news, we attended the PA Endless Mountain Fiber Festival. I give it a "meh". It was small which is okay but it just felt really disorganized. I did manage to find some pretty yarn though.

Farmhouse Yarns "Summerspun" Silk, cotton, lambswool. 700 yards in cranberry. My mother-in-law LOVES it. Maybe Christmas?!?!

I'm looking forward to Rhinebeck in a few weeks. I'm making some tote bags for my mom and me to carry around. I have to put all that stuff away because I know I'll start working on them when I'm supposed to be packing!

Hopefully next time I blog I'll be in my new office and can share pics of the new dye studio!

Oh yeah, go check out my yarn already! There won't be any update until after the move and I'd like to get some of my first batches sold!

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