Saturday, September 29, 2007

We're moved into our new house finally! Upgrading to 3 bedrooms from one really is exciting. This is my craft room. A whole room just for crafts!!! Obviously we're not done unpacking yet but I can totally imagine how it'll be!
The best part and actually one of the main reasons we moved is for this:
Just a little shed but its home to me
The dye studio! Right off my back porch. NOT in my house! Can you tell how excited I am?
It still needs to be fixed up and have all spiders anhilated but soon I will be dyeing all the time. Making the biggest mess I can and not having to worry about my mom's carpet or the apartment walls!

In celebration of this great new development in Starbugknits, I'll be having a contest and a sale starting sometime next week(I need time to unpack:)

Staytuned and you won't be sorry!

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