Saturday, January 12, 2008

After much deliberation the winner of the January 2008 Name That Colorway Contest is. . . .

with her suggestion of

Having been a huge fan of the book 21 Balloons in elementary school I was thrilled with this suggestion. Krakatoa?
This great new yarn will be up in my etsy shop very shortly so make sure you get a skein before it sells out.
As an added bonus all entrants in the contest will receive $2 off a skein of their choice for this week only. Just enter your Ravelry name in the comments and I'll adjust the price and send a new invoice.
I'll also be updating with another new color and also some more of the Kettle colorway in sock weight by tomorrow. Head on over.

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Anonymous said...

Emily, I love your colorways and in my next swap I'll definitely make some purchases :-) Thanks for directing me to your Etsy shop!