Wednesday, February 28, 2007

RUT . . or Welcome to the end of February!

I think the word of the month in blogland is rut with a capital R-U-T. This hatefulness hasn’t evaded me this time.
I have no food, no car to get the food. I am tired after cleaning all morning but my house still isn’t clean. I need to get a job but I hate calling for more information.
So here I am. No knitting progress either. I started a hat for myself out of stash yarn but I’m going to frog it. I have a baby hat to make but my gauge is WAY off and I have to frog that. I hate my endpaper mitts, and I’m tired of those stupid Magic stripe socks.
On the plus side, I’m going away with my mom this week to visit my brother in Chambersburg. I’ll get to eat out ( I LOVE TO EAT OUT!!!) and go shopping. Hopefully that’ll help this rut. Not as much as a tropical vacation but I’ll take what I get.

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