Monday, March 5, 2007

Why I love my brother (and my mom). .. . or look at my great loot!

First off let me tell you about the food from this weekend. Friday night we went to a VERY fancy restaurant near my brother’s house called The Orchards. I wish I had a camera with me. Its not often I go to such a nice restaurant and the presentation was very nice. I had filet mignon and mashed potatoes. I love me a good steak!
We went to KFC for lunch on Saturday. Have you tried their boneless Honey BBQ wings? They are so good!
Now the really great part. There’s this yarn store in Chambersburg called The Yarn Basket. I went there once by myself last time we visited and bought the dreadful Rowanspun 4-ply and some Gedifra Astrakhan.
I could probably spend all day in there. It is packed to the hilt full of yarny goodness. I was having a really hard time deciding what I wanted. They have a lot of Cascade 220 so I thought I’d get the yarn to fix the green sweater. Then I remembered they had great sock yarn. I decided on some Trekking XXL #129(or the Good-n-plenty colorway).I love this yarn I’m already this far and I just started yesterday! It is such a wonderful change from the Magic stripes.
The best part, though, was my brother’s enthusiasm in the store. I found the Fibertrends felted clog pattern and M wanted to know everything about it. Of course he asked if I could make him a pair. THEN he went a picked out yarn! So now I have 3 hanks (can you really call those beasts “hanks”?) of Woolpak 10 ply to make him slippers. OH the best part. . . he paid for the yarn and pattern! I have to get my ball winder back from my sister before I can start but it should be fun! I think M will be a knitter after all. My sister and I decided that we’ll teach him soon. Those great new “men knitting” books will help too!
Mom saw some yarn she liked by Schaeunemeyer(sp?) that looks like (Lionbrand) Homespun, but she forgets what its called. Any ideas?

I made myself a hat too. FairIsle pattern from this book. My own pattern out of wool-ease(fisherman) and Knitpicks WOA(artic pool heather) that I had in the stash.

I really finished the hat--that's just the only picture I have right now :)

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