Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Emily and Adam Book of Opposites*

Lots of knitting going on around here. Some projects have been put by the wayside for now so I can work on the fun ones!
One of M’s slippers are done. The Size13 needles are killing my hands but I love them so far!

In contrast, I just joined Emily’s Wee Tiny sock swap. I haven’t gotten my swap pal yet but I couldn’t resist some instant gratification. The light brown one is a lace pattern and the red and dark brown is a fair isle pattern. I might do a couple of more since I can’t decide which one to give away and I don’t know what my pal might like. We’ll see on Sunday!!! I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting to do a sock swap for a while now this is just the one to get started! Yeah!

Oh, have you seen the new Knitty yet? Isabella is a really neat design. I have just the yarn too. A lady at my church gave me a cone of unknown fiber yarn last fall. Dan and I did the burn test to figure it out but that only told us that its a natural fiber. The only thing is is that the color is yucky beige. I read that you can dye it with Dylon dye but I can’t decide if I want indigo, turquoise, cherry, or terra cotta. I guess I have a little while to think about it. Isabella will be great to knit in the spring/summer!

*This book was part of a set that my Grandma bought for me and my twin brother, Adam when we were little. We always like how this one described "us" Emily is quiet, Adam is loud, etc.

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