Sunday, March 18, 2007

So I finished a baby set(sweater, hat, &booties) today but sadly no picture of the finished set. It was a last minute make-up-your-own bootie-pattern-and-finish-them-at-a-highschool-band-concert deal so I forgot. The concert was pretty good even though there were 1000 people crammed onto one side of gym bleachers. We left after two(!) hours because we were hungry.

I also finished my second pair of slippers and I am just waiting on my brother to get up here so I can felt them.

I dyed my natural tan yarn a lovely shade of turquoise(that was what walmart had in dylon) and kool-aided(new word, YEAH!!) some other yarn orange. I actually swatched the turquoise on size 3s!
Oh yeah, and I got a perm that burned the side of my head. I spent the time before church explaining to people why I won't be suing my hairdresser(my sister*) and that I'm really okay. Now I have to try not to pick at my head!(Torture!!) The perm looks really great so although I lost some skin I gained some good hair.
Not many pics today, no time to load 'em up.
*She is an ACTUAL cosmetologist. I've gotten loads of perms in my life and never once has anything happened like this before. My skin is doing weird things.

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Cindy said...


I received the Wee Tiny Sock today and love it, love it, love it. I was so excited when I checked the mail today to find that it came. It was almost like Christmas.

Thanks a bunch,
Cindy in Alabama