Friday, March 23, 2007

I was going to wait to post until my wee tiny sock came in the mail so I would have some superfun pictures to post but I am tired of waiting. Since I've adopted that defeatist and slightly depressed attitude, it'll probably arrive tomorrow. Works every time.

I just got back from going out to dinner with my lovely husband. He's playing the piano in a restaurant tonight so we ate there first. He gets a free meal so its cheap. Just a good deal all around. Mom and Dad(and Adam) came tonight so I hitched a ride home with them. Last time I drove down the hill to St#$%*&ks and drank the world's crappiest mocha in the universe while I knitted on the good and plenty sock. Not a fan of that particular coffee joint. Yuck! Why pay $3.50 for a burned, greasy coffee? I guess I did, but not again. Back to the point, I'm so glad I got to come home and put my jammies on. I can knit in the comfort of my own home.

Here are some pictures of my turquoise yarn. I think I'm just going to knit a Honeymoon cami with it.(Of course I'll modify, what's the fun of keeping to the pattern?) Thicker straps, different stitch pattern on the bottom who knows? Time to swatch it doubled. I really wanted to design my own sweater but I'm just not inspired lately. Hum.

Knitpicks has fabulous(looking) new yarn out. A linen-cotton blend that I'm itching to get my hands on. I have 5 skeins of the red in my "stash" now so maybe I'll actually order(and the rest of my wants) soon.

I've applied for a super great job recently and I'm having a really hard time waiting to hear about it. I think because its a job I really want, not just one I have to get because I need money. I'm pretty optimistic but. . . still . . . . .

Well, since the post doesn't have any kind of central topic, I let you go(assuming you're still around reading all this drivel.) Have a great weekend!!

P.S: Is anyone else planning their sheep and wool trip yet?

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