Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Of Socks and Bugs

Yeah!!! My Wee Tiny Sock is finally here!!!! Thank you so much, Sue! I love it!!! It was sent out a little bit late--- but its okay! It was worth the wait! Great idea, Emily! See ya next year!

That's about it for knitting news around here. The turquoise sweater is on hold as I really want to design it myself. I tried a new stitch pattern(Versailles border) a few nights ago. I picked one that I thought looked more difficult and it wasn't so bad, especially for a border. And its a French design .I'm soooo happy about that. I just have a thing for all things French!

These pictures sum up my frustration for the past few days.

Box-elder bugs. Huge clumps right outside my kitchen window. I did some research and found out that a mixture of soap and water will kill them. It doesn't work. Oh sure, a few dropped over, but not that many They don't contaminate food and they don't really get into anything. But they're coming into my house in droves. Hmmm. . .

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