Thursday, May 10, 2007

I made a decision, sort of. . .

Thanks to everyone who left a comment with their favorite sock book. I went to Barnes and Noble last night and got. . . . . Favorite Socks from IK! I like almost every pair in this book!
I've decided on the Anniversary socks for my pal. If they don't work out I'm going to try the Waving Lace and if those don't work out I'm going to try "Go with the Flow". If none of those works out, I'm going to purchase some new yarn. I think my color choice is making it a little hard.
Again, Thanks to everyone!


s b said...

I think Favorite Socks is really great too--I love every pattern by Ann Budd. I think I just may have to start stalking her patterns. The anniversary socks are really lovely--I think your pal will love them.

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