Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sockapalooza 4!

I know I've mentioned earlier that I signed up for sockapalooza but I'm just so excited about it!
I dyed my sock yarn with pink lemonade kool-aid. It didn't turn out too even but I think it'll be soooo pretty anyway! I was researching some other patterns this morning. I wanted it to be lacy but not too lacy, kwim? Has anyone knit Embossed Leaves from IK? I read on another blog(I forget which) that it makes a very loose sock so I'm a little nervous.
I'm also sooo curious about the sockpal who is making my socks. I didn't put too much in my sock preferences because I didn't want to just dictate a style and then not be surprised at all.
I love every color-- except maybe puce or something but even still in the proper place, who knows?
I need to email my sock pal(since she doesn't have a blog) and see how she'd like lacy stuff. I'm not sure how much info to divulge.
This is sooo much fun!
Hopefully, I'll get some pictures up after Sheep and Wool this weekend!

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